Welcome to FishPreserve.org. We’re dedicated to educating the population about marine life preservation and the overall environmental and ecology issues facing our oceans and the amazing variety of life they contain.

Tropical Fish Underwater

When we’re not working to help make the world safer and better for marine life, we occupy ourselves with other pursuits. We’re an athletic group, tending to prefer the outdoors for recreation whenever possible. As you might expect, many of us are water enthusiasts, enjoying sea kayaking, rowing, or windsurfing. Others are land-based and a few of us play several sports. One of us even played semi-professional baseball for a while. Not everyone is a physical athlete, and some of prefer more literary pursuits like reading novels for all ages and participating in local book clubs. A few of us are even eagerly awaiting the release of Pottermore, the new web game based on the world of Harry Potter.

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